Sydney, Australia

New Year's Eve Opera Performance at the Sydney Opera House

Location: Sydney, Australia

Duration: 2 hours 45 minutes

Ring in the New Year at the Sydney Opera House with passion, fireworks, celebration and ‘La bohéme’! Be swept up in the emotion of Puccini’s famous opera, spectacularly re-imagined in a Berlin nightclub. The performance of ‘La bohéme’ includes a specially timed interval for Sydney’s 9pm fireworks, allowing you to take full advantage of the Opera House’s fabulous vantage point right on Sydney Harbour.

Sydney is one of the best places on earth to celebrate New Year’s Eve, when the twinkling harbor and Sydney Harbour Bridge are even more magical with fireworks lighting up the night sky. Celebrate this New Year’s Eve with a performance of La bohéme, and ring in the New Year under the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

Opera Australia’s presentation of La bohéme relocates Puccini’s romantic opera from the streets of Paris to a 1930s Berlin nightclub, promising plenty of surprises and drama. Designed to please Puccini devotees and win a new generation of opera-goers, this vibrant performance launches Opera Australia’s summer season.

The presentation of La bohéme includes a perfectly timed intermission so you can watch the 9pm fireworks from the Opera House’s exclusive viewing points on Sydney Harbour. Please note, La bohéme ends around 10:30pm, leaving plenty of time to make it to your next New Year’s Eve destination before midnight.

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